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Contemporary building automation based on KNX enables complex solutions that meet almost every project requirement.

IPAS focuses on integrated system solutions in its product development. In addition to simple standard functions such as switching lights or the control of sun screens and blinds, our products are perfect for integration into IPAS Smart Building concepts.

Does a function need to be represented by one device or can the device’s resources also be used for other requirements or functions? Does decentralised technology have to be installed centrally or is it possible with the right devices to use this technology in a more optimised manner?

Can function be integrated into design? How can information and data available in Smart Buildings be used to reduce the running costs of a building, lower CO2 emissions or increase the efficiency of a building overall?

IPAS Smart Building concepts are solutions to run modern buildings in a more cost-effective and intelligent way without having to compromise on comfort.

The IPAS competence training offers target-oriented seminars on the following subjects:

  • Design and function
  • Cost-effective and functional planning
  • Intelligent lighting technology
  • Function and operation
  • Using intelligent interface technology
  • Building management: Visualisation, analysis, optimisation and documentation

IPAS Trainings

Planning and projection of IPAS sensors from the Piazza range and µBrick actuators. ETS strategies which enable the structured configuration of visualisation tasks with ComBridge studio products.

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Planning individual control panels: Selection of different materials, coating, formats and designs, area of application, accessories, different mounting options, using non-certified application programs in the ETS.

Composition and functioning of the DALI lighting technology, KNX DALI gateways, DALI programming (New installation, post-installation), DALI tools, ETS application programming, special programming and configuration with IPAS DALI web technology, effect control, scenes, emergency lighting, means of testing and analysis, ECG types, fault types, central addresses, operating hours, dimming curves, failure rates, special functions.

Structure and functioning of the KNXnet/IP protocol, connection types, search functions, networks, ETS programming via an IP tunnel connection, programming interfaces, IP line coupler, BACnet gateway, multi-function gateways.

Gateways, system structure for simple automation requirements, small and medium-level visualisation tasks, visualisation and management of multi-site premises and distributed properties (Smart Building Concepts and Smart City Concepts).

Structure and function modules, creating a graphical visualisation, SmartVisu, automation functions,remote control, ETS programming.

Basic course covering the creation of users and desktops, the structure of a fully graphical visualisation, process points, database, time schedules, scene control, logic, alarm management, Smart Visu and HTML export.

Planning, execution, analysis and improvement of energy management processes based on the intelligent energy monitoring system ComBridge Studio Smart Metering. Application in projects with certification according to DIN ISO 50001.

Recording typical system data via KNX and IP networks, data collection via IPAS DALI IP and analysis in ComBridge Studio e64 DALI Management. Display of typical information (operating hours, failure rates, DALI faults) and building, topology and device display.

Course fee and registration

Course fee is EUR 110 per day. All training materials as well as soft-drinks and lunch are included in the price.

Seminars start at 9 a.m. and finish at 5 p.m. Participants can work on their own laptops. The maximum number of participants per course is 6.

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Our training dates don’t fit into your busy schedule? Or you would like to get to know another product? Please get in touch with us as we can offer individual sessions when it suits you as well as our standard training. If you register a group of trainees, we are also happy to deliver training at a location of your choice.

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