KNX Power Supply PSU640

With only 3 subunits (54mm) IPAS offers one of the smallest KNX power supplies with integrated choke. It is intended for 640mA DIN rail mounting and can be run with operating voltages between 180 and 264V AC. An un-choked voltage of 28V DC for the connection of KNX devices that require a separate power supply is also available.

The KNX power supply unit provides the KNX bus voltage up to a load of 640 mA. An AC voltage of between 180 and 264 V can be selected as input voltage.  A second output provides the unchoked 28V DC voltage which can be used for KNX devices that require an additional supply voltage.  Screw terminals (180 to 264V AC and 28V DC) and a standard bus terminal are used for the connection. The power supply unit can be mounted on a 35mm DIN rail. The short-circuit proof KNX power supply is protected against overload and overvoltage and has a reset button. Three colour LEDs signal the operating states normal mode, overload and reset. The KNX power supply is cooled passively.

Technical data:

Input voltage: 180 to 264 V AC

Output voltage: KNX and 28V DC

Display: Normal mode, overload, reset

Operation: Bus reset button

Protection class: IP20

Cooling: Passive via ventilation slots in the casing

Protection: Overload, overvoltage, short-circuit proof

Dimensions: 35mm x 90mm x 54mm (w x l x h)

KNX PowerSupply PSU640 Order-no. Request
  KNX Power Supply Unit 30V/640mA. 3 unit plastic casing for DIN rail mounting, additional output 30VDC aux. power unchecked. Connections: 230 VAC, 30VDC unchocked and 30VDC KNX supply 31320-20-03 icon-anfrage
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