Touch Control ETS6C

The TouchControl ETS6C combines functionality, individuality and modern design. As an information hub for the whole house it successfully supplements the KNX installation and completes the overall system of decentralised devices to increase personal living comfort.  On the touch display symbols indicate functions of everyday life.  Any text of your choice can be added. Numerous colour options and display formats make the design of the TouchControl ETS6C universally applicable and timeless.


VisualisierungUp to 110 KNX functions can be displayed and controlled on 10 main pages and up to 6 sub-pages each.
The pages can be labelled with up to 20 plain text characters. An intuitive menu is used to navigate between
the pages.

Slide show

trendingThe device is equipped with an integrated slide show which makes it possible to display images for presentational
purposes. The images can be loaded onto the device via a USB connection. The time that each image is displayed
can be set individually via the device.


SzenenCertain recurring applications and functions can be collated in scenes. When such a scene is loaded, this could
for example switch on the hallway and living room lights and start the audio equipment with your favourite CD.

Weekly schedule

logicOnly a few touches make it possible to create, change and delete a weekly schedule which is saved on the device
and performed accordingly. Time commands can directly control KNX objects or initiate further logic functions,
command lists or scenes.

Alarm functions

AlarmGeneral alarm functions are available for the device. In addition to the standard alarms, the additional functions
can also be set up as alarm functions. When an alarm arrives, the device automatically jumps to the alarm page.

Logic functions

LogikSelecting the function and the objects puts together the logic and saves it on the Touch Control ETS6C. The logic
output can be assigned a communications object and sent as a telegram to the bus. It can also be used as input
for a further logic function.

Presence simulation

slideshowThe ETS6C can be used for presence simulation of the KNX System. During the simulation previously recorded or
manually set events are played back at the recorded times.

Trending function

trendingAn existing Trending Module visualizes all status displays as a historic trend display. The display period can be
individually set within the last month. The time scale automatically adjusts to the time period selected.

KNX Touch Control ETS6C – Touch display TFT 5.7. Configuration with ETS 3. Connector: 230 VAC or 24 VDC/AC and KNX.
Size: 160x130x70 mm

Order-no. Request
  Touch-Display with 65.536 colours – 230 VAC 64102-1341-01 icon-anfrage
Touch-Display with 65.536 colours – 24 VDC/AC 64102-1341-02 icon-anfrage

Assessories Order-no. Request
blende_alu_80 Design frame for Touch Control ETS6C – Aluminium 64102-19-01 icon-anfrage
blende_glas_b_80x80_f8f8f8 Design frame for Touch Control ETS6C – glass black printed 64102-19-02 icon-anfrage
blende_stahl_80 Design frame for Touch Control ETS6C – Aluminium in stainless steel design 64102-19-03 icon-anfrage
blende_glas_w_80x80_f8f8f8 Design frame for Touch Control ETS6C – glass white printed 64102-19-04 icon-anfrage
upd_80 Either as flush-mounted or cavity wall box in ABS material.
Size: 126x155x63
63102-191-11 icon-anfrage
apg_80x80_f8f8f8 On wall mounting box, Aluminium anodised, for mounting of Touch Display, incl. mounting and earthing accessories, no additional design frame required. Size: 151x194x75 mm 63102-191-02 icon-anfrage
Name Size* Version
Documents APB 1.1 V1.2
BMA 0.2 V1.2

Software ETS APC 0.1 07.2009

Catalogues TouchControl 8 V1.1
Main 11 V1.0-2018

* all figures in MB