Trico – complexity within a small space

The control panel Trico impresses through its small size (37x153x33mm WxHxD), which enables it to be mounted in the smallest of spaces. Trico often finds its home in door frames or furniture but can also simply be mounted on a wall. Its small size does not mean any compromise when it comes to functionality. Each of the 8 buttons can be configured individually such as: switching, dimming, value setting, shutter function. Even scenes can be invoked and pushbutton functions configured. The freely configurable RGB LEDs can display up to three status types in different colours.

IPAS control panels offer a wide range of options for personal customisation. Surfaces can come in aluminium colours, RAL and effect colours.


Specifically for installation cut-outs with a material thickness of 2-4 mm, Trico design panels are simply fixed into the cut-out with clamp springs on the casing. For mounting on drywalls or for flush-mounted fitting, IPAS offers suitable wall boxes.


IPAS design panels consist of one unit and are solely run with bus voltage. An additional power supply is not required.

Standard functions

Switching, dimming, value setting, incremental value setting, shutter, scene control, set point adjustment, operating mode setting, presence, fan control, single buttons (on, off, toggle).

KNX panel 8-fold; buttons with selectable functions: switching, dimming, shutters, value setting, scenes, effects, operating mode selection, presence, fan-coil setting, one-push-dimming, one-push shutters; orientation/status LEDs RGB, integrated bus coupling unit. Size: 37x130x35 mm

Order-no. Request
Aluminium anodized, raised buttons (0.5mm) 67224-1121-08 icon-anfrage
Powder coating RAL colour, raised buttons (0.5mm) 67224-1131-08 icon-anfrage
Powder coating effect- colour, raised buttons (0.5mm) 67224-1141-08 icon-anfrage

Accessories Order-no. Request
edt_80 Wall box made from galvanised steel. Fits Barchetto 2 and 4 as well as Trico 8RGB.
Size ca. 32x112x55
0A02-191-03 icon-anfrage
Name Size* Version
Dokuments BMA Trico 0.2 V2.0

Software Project Data 0.1 V1.0-2015

Catalogues Panels 12 V1.0-2018
Main 11 V1.0-2018

* all figures in MB