ComBridge HCC

The ComBridge HCC is a powerful visualization component especially for small and medium sized visualization and automation tasks.

The user interface can be designed with a web editor and the graphical visualization is optimized for modern smartphones, tablets or as a web app. It allows to operate the Smart Home at any time and from anywhere in the world. All information is available up-to-date – at home and on the go.

The device also offers extensive logic functions, scheduling  programs, scenes, alarms and e-mail functions. Up to 250 KNX objects and up to 1000 group addresses can be directly linked.

Individual display and control

Individuell AnzeigenIn addition to a large degree of freedom in designing the pages, the CB HCC also offers extensive system libraries and control elements for an intuitive function control. Control elements can be freely placed anywhere on the pages. All functions including switching, value setting, status
display, shutter control, matrix switches, dim sliders and alarm elements are supported.

Visualization: Space for design

Visualisierung13 MByte memory for fully graphical visualization pages, control elements and symbols, are available. Enough room for over 100 visualization pages. Depending on your requirements, these pages can be created as simple 2D graphics or photo-realistic 3D graphics. There are no limits to the page structure or navigation.

Time and events remain at home

Zeit und EreignisWhen punctuality becomes important, 300 weekly and 300 annual schedules can be configured in pre-defined periods. The CB HCC receives the time signal from an NTP time server or as slave from the KNX Bus. As opposed to many other smart phone visualizations, these functions remain at home when the smart phones leaves. This means that time-controlled events are always be realised correctly and safely. Changes, however, can also be initiated with the smart phone from the outside.

Scenes – one click, many events

SzenenThe CB HCC supports up to 5000 scene processes. With only one click, stand-by devices can be switched on or the lighting can be set to the required level. Scenes can be started and stopped from any objects under certain conditions. New scene values can be saved with just one click. And if the new scene does not meet your expectations, you can simply restore the old one.

When logic is required

LogikOften an event is triggered when a chain of logic conditions is either true or false. This is not a problem for the CB HCC as it can realise up to 1000 logic functions: NOT, AND, OR, NOR, NAND, XOR, XNOR, =, <=, >=, <, >, +, -, *,/……

Alarm – A special event

AlarmWhat happens if the coffee machine has stayed on or the windows are open when nobody is at home? The CB HCC informs about these special events in a specific alarm popup window. And for security reasons, the CB HCC also sends out an individual alarm text via e-mail.

Trending – the past is to improve the future

trendingAn existing Trending Module visualises all status displays as a historic trend display. The display period can be individually set within the last month. The time scale automatically adjusts to the time period selected.

KNXnet/IP – interface between the systems

KNX/IPThe CB HCC supports the KNXnet/IP protocol and can therefore be used as programming interface for the ETS. You can use a tunnelling connection (ETS programming) and an object server connection (for advanced visualization tasks, for example in connection with ComBridge
Studio Evolution).

E-mail – always in the loop

E-mailThe CB HCC is equipped with an e-mail service. Alarm notifications can be forwarded to the appropriate e-mail addresses. The e-mail texts can
be individually formulated because with a simple mouse click, system variables such as the value or name of an event can be integrated into the e-mail text.

Backup – for your safety

BackupEach project can be backed up on an external data medium and imported into the CB HCC via the CB Editor. And if there are any new developments, the CB HCC can be brought up-to-date at any time via a special update page.

IPAS-Wiki – Tips and tricks online

IPAS-WIKIIPAS offers integrators an online support page. On IPAS offers a wide range of information for users and system integrators free-of-charge. You can, for example, download current updates, additional style sheets for control elements and demo projects. The full text search makes it possible to quickly and easily search for information about different topics.

The ComBridge HCC in a plastic casing for DIN rail mounting contains a powerful web server. Up to 250 KNX objects and 1,000 group addresses can be directly linked. The freely graphical visualisation is optimised as a web app for modern smartphones or tablets. The device also offers numerous logic functions, time schedules, scenes, alarms and e-mail. Connector pins: 24 VDC, network and KNX.

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Update 8.7 V4.1.2
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Connection Manager 36.7 V1.1.0

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