IPAS Design Panels · Configurator

IPAS control panels combine functionality with form and transform a simple switch into an elegant room accessory. Optimal functionality is provided through our different panel ranges: Largho, Barchetto, Contrattempo, Trico and Piazza. These exclusive designs and materials, available in both standard and individually customised dimensions, as well as personal engravings ensure that we always have the perfect solution for your needs.

The materials we use are stainless steel, aluminium and plastic. A wide range of aluminium colours, RAL colours and effect colours are available. Stainless steel can be brushed or glass bead blasted.

Increasingly perception and communication are facilitated through symbols and images. IPAS has therefore assigned meaningful and elegant symbols to many
functions. However, if the symbol is not clear or undesirable, the actual word can be integrated into the control panel surface. All our panels are engraved or electrochemically signed, guaranteeing long-lasting visibility.