KNX DaliControl e64 – intelligent light control

Customised individual lighting is one of the most important tasks of modern buildings. Our DaliControl e64 perfectly combines KNX installation technology with DALI lighting standards. In addition to comfortable switch and dim functions, the DaliControl e64 can also be used to control emergency lighting and to display the operating hours and lifespan of different lights. Many other applications and functions are also possible. Our most recent development for the DaliControl e64 is the implementation of the new Dali standard DT8.


With only 4HP, the DaliControl e64 can be easily mounted on a standard DIN rail. It is connected to the KNX via a standard bus terminal. In addition, the device requires 230 AC and connection to the Dali bus. The DaliControl also has a network connection for management functions and configuration via IP.

Standard application

64 Dali ECGs in 16 groups can be controlled with the DaliControl e64. The device is also suitable for the control of single ECGs. The DaliControl e64 provides information about operating hours, lamp and ECG faults as well as the binary and value status. Additional functions are: Calculation of maintenance intervals, failure rates and simple ECG exchange.


The new DaliControl e64 supports the Dali standard DT8. This means the DaliControl e64 is one of the very few KNX/Dali gateways that are able to control “Tunable White”, the new generation of light sources. With “tunable white” lamps, the colour temperature of a light is adapted to a person’s best possible feeling of well-being. New scientific findings show that the well-being and performance of a person in a room changes over the course of a day under the influence of colour temperature. These natural swings and fluctuations can be compensated for by the timely adjustment of colour temperature in artificial lights. The market therefore offers a new generation of light sources called “tunable white”. To control these lights, Dali technology has defined the Dali standard DT8 which has been implemented in our new DaliControl e64. An intuitively operated scheduling programming can now be used to set the desired colour temperature based on the time of day.

Of course, RGBW lights can be controlled both via the xy-colour space and via the respective colour temperature. Typical application scenarios are:

– Emulating the natural course of daylight
– Greater feeling of wellbeing
– Better concentration

Production areas:
– Emulating the natural course of daylight
– Greater efficiency

Hospitals / health centres:
– Emulating the natural course of daylight
– Greater feeling of well-being and faster recovery process
– Therapeutic use of the light

Schools, universities and training institutions:
– Emulating the natural course of daylight
– Better concentration

Supermarkets, department stores and shops:
– Product specific lighting
– Seasonal lighting
– Better product display

Lighting management in connection with the IPAS visualisation system ComBridge Studio Evolution

A specific application results from the IP interface in the DaliControl e64 in connection with ComBridge Studio Evolution. If you need to know all the information the DaliControl e64 is able to provide, you quickly accumulate over 500 objects per DaliControl e64 and often more than one DaliControl e64 gateways are required for a project. If you want to transmit all this information via the KNX bus, the increased bus load can easily interfere with the communication.

The ComBridge Studio Evolution Dali Management Tool has been specifically developed to read the large amount of management information directly from the DaliControls e64 via IP and to store it in the internal database. This means that the higher demands place on lighting management can be easily displayed without a negative impact on the stability of the installation bus system. Moreover, our template concept enables an extremely time-efficient configuration. The following comparison shows the advantages:

10 KNX objects per ECG make 640 objects per gateway (without switch functions). If 30 DaliControl e64 devices are used, this can result in around 30,000 data points taking into consideration that not all information may be required. If you want to display the information in the visualisation system assuming that per data point 2 minutes are required for the configuration, 500 hours will be needed just for the display of every status alone. Assuming it also takes 2 minutes to configure an IP address, the duration is reduced to one single hour if you use the ComBridge Studio Evolution Dali Management Tool. Only the IP address of the DaliControl e64 has to be configured and all information is immediately available in the visualisation system CBSER.

The DALI Management Tool also makes it possible to analyse the test results for battery operated emergency lighting. The DaliControl e64 carries out lamp, battery and function tests according to requirements. The CBSE Dali Management Tool stores the results in its own database so that they can be downloaded as a report at any time. This makes the combination of DaliControl e64 and CBS DaliManagent Tool the perfect solution for battery-operated emergency lighting systems.

DaliControl e64 Order-Nr. Request
KNX DALI Gateway – 4 unit plastic casing for DIN Rail mounting. Control of 64 ECGs or operating resources for emergency lights, integrated power supply, individual control of ECGs or control of ECGS in up to 16 groups. Flexible commissioning concept: directly via buttons and device display or via integrated web server. Scenes and effect module with 16 light scenes and 16 effects. Connector: 110 -250V AC/DC, network, KNX. 4101-145-01 icon-anfrage
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Documents APB 4.3 V1.3-Rev.2.3
BMA 0.4 V1.1
INF 0.3 V1.3.5

Software ETS APC 1.3 V1.3.3
Upgrade-Tool 0.5 V1.3.5

Catalogues DaliControl 5.0 V1.0-2014
Main 12 V2.0-2016

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